FloWorks Family Solutions


FloWorks is not a singular entity but rather a family of award-winning companies that have come together to provide our customers with superior service and a wide selection of high-quality products inventory, services and flow solutions. Our specialized flow control service capabilities, knowledgeable staff and strong emphasis on quality have led us to become a growing global leader in flow solutions.

Sunbelt Supply Co.

Founded in 1978, Sunbelt Supply is a world leader in the supply and distribution of flow control products including manual valves, automated valves, valve services and specialty PFF products serving the refining, petrochemical, chemical, mining, power generation, oil & gas, marine & offshore, pulp and paper, and other industries.

Southwest Stainless & Alloy

Founded nearly 40 years ago, Southwest Stainless & Alloy has been an industry leader in specialty piping product including stainless steel, chrome, HDPE, carbon, and plastic line material grades. Starting in 2019, Southwest Stainless & Alloy teamed up with Sunbelt Supply to go to market as Sunbelt Supply nationally with select local markets utilizing the legacy brand of Southwest Stainless & Alloy which has allow Sunbelt Supply to offer a comprehensive set of product solutions for the most demanding flow applications.

Major Inc.

For the past 30 years, Major Inc. has been offering flow solutions for power companies. Major Inc. joined the FloWorks family of companies in 2015 and has partnered with Sunbelt Supply to support customers in the Northeast with technical sales support, PVF distribution, valve automation and field service of automated valves. Major Inc. maintains a 99% client retention rate and works with our valued customers and manufacturers to find the highest-quality products for all their flow control needs.

Triple S (Severe Service Specialists)

Founding in 2005, Triple S provides technical support for severe service applications offering flow control products designed to withstand high temperatures, high pressures, and corrosion. Triple S in-house automation capabilities and field service technicians provide solutions for a variety of applications in power generation, refining and other industries. In 2019, Triple S joined the FloWorks family of companies and has partnered with Sunbelt Supply to support customers throughout the Southeast with technical sales support, valve automation and field service of automated valves.

Oliver Equipment Company (OEC)

Founded in 1975, OEC is a leading provider of specialty rotating equipment, onsite services and custom packaged systems for industrial applications. Its highly technical sales force supports industries including chemical, petrochemical, refining, power generation, and other industrial processes. Using its deep industry knowledge and product expertise, OEC provides customized solutions to pumping systems. OEC is a manufacturer's representative, offering factory authorized parts and repair services through their factory trained team of technical experts. OEC is based in Houston, Texas, with four additional local service locations and technical sales personnel throughout Texas.


Founded in 1988, SemiTorr offers best in class products and services in three major market segments – industrial, high purity and sanitary. Its family of products include process equipment, pumps, tubing, hoses, fittings, valves, filtration, and instrumentation. The Company also assists with end-to-end project management, including early-stage specifications and design, implementation, and supply chain management. Based in Tualatin, Oregon, SemiTorr has completed several acquisitions over the last seven years, including its anchor companies for Sanitary and Industrial, Tru-Flow and McKenna, respectively, and has expanded to 11 distribution centers across the U.S. in Oregon, California, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York. SemiTorr’s geographic footprint is complementary to FloWorks’ 34 global locations and located in key markets to support customers within semiconductor, microelectronics, life sciences, food & beverage, and industrial end markets.

Genesis Systems Inc.

Founded in 1999, Genesis Systems offers a full suite of valve solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers, servicing a range of industrial and commercial markets, including the petrochemical, power generation, semiconductor, OEM, pharma, building automation and food & beverage industries. Headquartered in Garland, Texas, the company has an extensive, state-of-the-art valve automation center specializing in the assembly, repair and testing of valves and valve automation equipment.