Manual and Automated valves for the Petrochemical and Chemical industries.

Sunbelt Supply Co. offers a full line of manual valves and automated valves in stock to keep your petrochemical or chemical plant up and running at peak performance. Whether you need more commodity-type products in carbon and stainless body and trim material grades or specialty material grades in high nickel or exotic alloys, the FloWorks International LLC group of companies maintains large and diversified inventories in both the commodity and specialty grades of material to serve your needs.


  • Gate, Globe & Check Valves
  • Wafer Check Valves
  • Ball Valves
    • Floating & Trunnion Design
    • Unibody Design
    • Split body Design
    • 3-Piece Design
    • Top Entry Design
    • Metal Seated
  • Butterfly Valves
    • Resilient Seated
    • High Performance
    • Triple Offset
  • Plug Valves
    • Non-Lubricated & Lubricated Design
  • Pipeline Valves
    • Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves to API6D & 6A
    • Double Block & Bleed Plug Valves
    • Pipeline Check Valves
  • Bellows Seal Valves
  • Diaphragm Valves
  • Vent Check Valves

Body Materials Stocked

  • Alloy 20
  • Aluminum Bronze
  • Bronze
  • Carbon Steel
  • Cast Iron
  • F5| F91 F11 | F22 |F91
  • Hastelloy C
  • Inconel
  • LF2
  • LCB
  • LCC
  • Monel
  • Stainless Steel|316|304|304H|347
  • WC6 I WC9 I C5 I C12 IC12A

Special Trims Stocked

316 Stainless|Alloy20|Bronze|Monel|NACE|Full Stellite