Serving the Marine and Offshore Industry with manual, automated valves and specialty PFF

Marine/offshore environments are rugged areas that require specialized products to handle the aquatic environment and unique service conditions ranging from simple water and salt intrusion to special corrosion and pressure requirements. At Sunbelt Supply, we have the specialty manual valve products in stock to handle these conditions, including manual gate, globe and check valves in all-bronze bodies in both small bore and large bore applications up to 12”. We also stock ball and butterfly valves with bronze and aluminum bronze trims which resist saltwater and marine-related corrosion, as well as marine organism accumulation which can interfere with proper valve operation. High pressure Mud Gate valves are stocked in Demco in both 5000 and 7500 psi pressure ratings. We offer marine vent check valves from our manufacturers and also stock valves in special alloys of bronze, aluminum bronze, copper, nickel, full monel valves and carbon body by monel trim valves. On the valve automation front, we are adept at handling specialized automation systems in hydraulic and pneumatic actuation, which are specifically designed for marine and offshore applications.

Your Source for Marine & Offshore Flow Control Solutions

Sunbelt Supply carries a comprehensive marine and offshore valve inventory.

  • API 6D Trunnion Ball Valves / Marine Butterfly Valves / High Pressure Gate-Mud System Valves / Knife Gate Valves / All Bronze Marine Gate, Globe, Check and Ball Valves / Vent Check Valves, and Relief Valves.
  • Valves available in body materials of Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel and All Bronze.
  • Valve Trims available in Bronze, Aluminum Bronze, and Various Stainless.
  • Spare Parts for All Demco Marine Butterfly and High Pressure Gate Valves (Mud Systems Valves)

In-House & Field Service Automation Capabilities for your Marine Valve Applications

Pneumatic, electric, hydraulic actuation